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Reconsideration of HRL 084723, cargo nets;rubber cordage;- elastic;motorcycle;metalized yarn;HRL 084861;

Impregnated yarns and cords used to absorb sea water in fiber optic cables are not cords for technical uses. Acrylic; resin; visible; naked; eye

Classification of an elastic strap; modification of NYRL 832801, dated November 18, 1988

Classification of bongee cords; modification of NYRL 832884, dated November 7, 1988

Classification of tie downs from Taiwan; modification of NYRL 827963, dated March 10, 1988

The tariff classification of a cargo tie-down net and arubber shock cord from Taiwan, the Philippines or Thailand.

The tariff classification of metalized and laminatedpolyester strips from Japan.

The tariff classification of hook and eye tape and elastic cord from China.

The tariff classification of textile covered rubber thread from China

The tariff classification of a ceramic mug from China.

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