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Classification of mushroom growing nets; woven polyethylene;imported in material lengths with no lines of demarcation; not a"part" for agricultural machinery; Section XXII, Chapter 98,Subchapter XVII, U.S. Note 2(e); HRL 087849 (5/22/91); HRL 950216(12/19/91); The Harding Co. et al v. United States, 23 CCPA 250,T.D. 48109 (1936); American Import Co. v. United States, 26 CCPA72, 75, T.D. 49612 (1938); F.H. Paul & Stein Bros., Inc. v.United States, 44 Cust. Ct. 130, C.D. 2166 (1960); Sandvik Steel,Inc. v. United States, 66 Cust. Ct. 12, C.D. 4161, 321 F.Supp.1031 (1971); Naftone, Inc. v. United States, 67 Cust. Ct. 340,C.D. 4294 (1971); Bendix Mouldings, Inc. v. United States, 73Cust. Ct. 204, C.D. 4576, 388 F. Supp. 1193 (1974); AvinIndustrial Products Co. v. United States, 72 Cust. Ct. 43, C.D.4503, 376 F. Supp. 879, reh denied, 72 Cust. Ct. 147, C.D. 4522(1974).

Reconsideration of NY 896271 Concerning the Applicability of NAFTA to Men's Jackets

The tariff classification of a certain clay-coated paper from Japan.

The tariff classification of "Vitalmix" from Ghana

Computer printout paper, bag paper and drawing paper

Classification of KSR top print paper and of offset paper.

The tariff classification of coated paper from France.

Eligibility of orange juice and grapefruit juice concentrate from Belize for duty-free treatment under the CBERA; substantial transformation; 554486

The tariff classification of two pullover sweaters from Nepal.

Further review of protest no. 2809-94-100538; classificationof coated art paper

Pg. 1 of 24 • 233 results