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The tariff classification of insulated food and beverage bags from China

Classification of “Super Pack”

Protest 2704-98-100847; Untimely Application for Further Review; Classification of an "Adventure Pack"; Portable, Soft-sided, Insulated Cooler Bag; Detachable Stadium Seat Cushion; Heading 4202, HTSUSA; Heading 9404, HTSUSA; Heading 3924, HTSUSA; Changes to the 2002 HTSUSA; Insulated Food or Beverage Bags

The tariff classification of an insulated lunch bag from China.

The tariff classification of cooler bags from China, Taiwan, the Philippines, and Sri Lanka

The tariff classification of bottle warmers from China

Backpacks with Hydration Systems

The tariff classification of a pencil case and an insulated lunch bag from China

Reconsideration of NY F88184; Tariff classification of insulated cooler bags; Woven fabric panel coated, covered or laminated with noncellular plastic; Plastic coating faces outward; SGI, Incorporated v. United States, 122 F.3d 1468 (Fed. Cir. 1997)

The tariff classification of a backpack, water bottle holder, stadium seat and an insulated cooler bag from China.

Pg. 1 of 7 • 70 results