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NAFTA; regional value content; originating self-produced material; NAFTA Rules of Origin Regulations; 19 CFR part 181 Appendix; General Note 12(t).

Tariff classification of Vestosint 2158 Polyamide-12 Powders (60-250 microns) and Vestosint 2160 Polyamide-12 Powders (5-60 microns) from Germany.

NYRL H84948; Technyl® containing wax

Protest 4601-10-100057, Reliquidation, Generalized System of Preferences, Polyamides

Request for Further Review of Protest 0712-89-000351, dated April 13, 1989, Concerning Polyamide 6,6 in various forms

The tariff classification of polyamide-6 in chip form from France and Spain.

The tariff classification of polyamide 6 (CAS-25038-54-4), polyamide 12 (CAS-25038-74-8) and polyamide 6/12 (CAS-25191-04-2) from France.

The tariff classification of Polyamide-6,6 block, chunks, lumps, flakes, fines and similar bulk forms from various countries.

The tariff classification of Nylon Deflashing Media from Switzerland

The tariff classification of Polyamide 41BR1 polyamide-6,6 with 2-3% polyamide-6 (CAS-24993-04-2) from various countries. Correction to Ruling Number N223455.

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