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Internal Advice Request; Classification of DT 80 (86.9% palmitic acid content), DT 98 (99.2% palmitic acid content), and DT 100 (45.5% palmitic acid content)

The country of origin of Flumioxazin (CAS# 103361-09-7)

The tariff classification of LipoAktiv L-Met 60 and GLU 60 from Malaysia

The tariff classification of chemical mixtures from France and Japan

Application for Further Review of Protest No. 5301-05-150001; Tariff Classification of 12-Hydroxystearic acid, CAS 106-14-9

Protest 1703-93-100174; Carnal 659S; Subheading 2835.31.00;Chapter 28, Note 1(a); General Explanatory Note to Chapter 28;Sodium Tripolyphosphate; Mixtures of Two or More InorganicCompounds.

The tariff classification of Docosanoic Acid (CAS 112-

Protest 3901-04-100929; Deodorizer Distillate

NY H80577; SarconĀ®Dear Mr. Knauss:

Protest 3004-00-100047; Fish Oil Capsules and Primrose Oil Capsules

Pg. 1 of 39 • 386 results