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Classification for preformed 3mm butyl rubber based adhesive sealant strip from France.

The tariff classification and status of roofing membrane finished in Canada from materials of U.S. manufacture.

The tariff classification of Prepared Hot-Melt Adhesives fromJapan.

The tariff classification of Ameripad pipe saddles andAmeripad Adhesive B8 from Singapore.

Application for Further Review of Protest No. 3001-92-100700, dated September 9, 1992, concerning siloxane polymers; SE 4420

The tariff classification of 6 Hot Melt EdgebandingAdhesives from Canada.

Country of origin, trade agreement status and Section 301 applicability of a pocket coil mattress core

The tariff classification of H 9490 polymer based hot melt wetness indicator adhesive from various countries.

The tariff classification of polyamide based hot melt adhesive preparation from France.

Protest and Application for Further Review No: 4503-08-100040; Liquid Adhesives

Pg. 1 of 4 • 35 results