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Protest and Application for Further Review No. 0712-97-100793; clerical error, mistake of fact or other inadvertence; titanium dioxide; 19 U.S.C. §1520(c)(1); 19 U.S.C. §1514; 19 CFR 173.4; timeliness; sufficiency; broker

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Commercial interchangeability ruling for Millennium Inorganic Chemicals Company ("Millennium")

The tariff classification of “Micoglas Metashine ST1018RSJ3” from Japan

The tariff classification of “TI-Pure R01, R03, and R04” from Mexico

The tariff classification of “PT-501R” and “CR-EL” from Japan

The tariff classification of Kronos Titanium Dioxide Grades 1000, 1050, 2071(u), 3320, 3328, and 3333 from Canada

Eligibility of Polyvinylchloride Powder Imported from Mexico for the NAFTA Duty Preference, Regional Value Content

Eligibility of certain titanium dioxide for duty-free treatment under the GSP; “imported directly” requirement; 19 C.F.R. § 10.175

The tariff classification of Titanium Dioxide Grade R-02 from the Ukraine

Protest and AFR No. 1601-00-100141, 1601-00-100143, 1601-00-100161; GSP; Ukraine; titanium dioxide; imported directly; 19 CFR 10.175(d).

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