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Tariff Classification of two knit oversized T-shirt styled garments

Internal Advice Request 28/93 Regarding the Classification of"Masonry Cement" from Mexico

Cement; gray portland; white portland; language of commerce; Nylos Trading Company v. United States, 37 CCPA 71 (1949); EN25.23; HQ 952895

The tariff classification of automatic bowling alley equipment parts and accessories from China

The tariff classification of a fan clutch from South Korea.

The tariff classification of 4 glass fiber woven fabrics from China.

The tariff classification of plastic couplings, tapping tees, scraper tools and the "Friamat Fusion Unit."

Cement; white portland; gray portland; masonry cement;nonrefractory; mortar; crushed limestone; hydrated lime;additives; refractory; language of commerce; Nippon Kogaku, Inc.v. United States, 69 CCPA 89 (1982); Nylos Trading Company v.United States, 37 CCPA 71 (1949); U.S. Additional Note 2, Chapter69; EN 25.23; HQs 086773; 089307; 954018; 955455; 956145

Nonrefractory mortar; surfacing preparation; sand; cement;additives; refractory; U.S. Additional Note 2, Chapter 69; EN32.14; HQs 086773; 089307; 956145

Internal Advice Request 70/92 Regarding the Classification ofPortland Cement from Mexico

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