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The tariff classification of menadione sodium bisulfite-complex (CAS# 130-37-0) and menadione dimethyl pyrimidolbisulfite (CAS# 14451-99-1) from Brazil.

The tariff classification of Neem Seed Oil Extract Soapfrom India.

Use of a United States-built vessel which has been sold foreign within the territorial waters of the United States as a "bed and breakfast hotel" and as a residence for the Alaskan oil clean-up workers.

Classification of Crushed or Broken Corncobs from Canada

Bestwood Smart Home System

Eligibility of vessels rebuilt outside the United States to engage in tuna fishing

Use of Canadian-registered barge as a stationary platform for cleaning oil-contaminated oil containment and cleaning equipment

The tariff classification of magnetic particle separatorsfrom Norway.

Coastwise; Skimmer; Oil Recovery; 46 U.S.C. App. 883.

The tariff classification of an aluminum swirl stir stick from Korea.

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