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Eligibility of fuel grade anhydrous ethyl alcohol produced in Israel for duty-free treatment under the U.S.-Israel FTA

Reconsideration of HRL 557830; Eligibility of anhydrous fuel ethanol for duty-free treatment under the U.S.-Israel Free Trade Agreement

Eligibility of fuel grade ethyl alcohol under the CBERA

Protest No. 0401-91-100779; "Pulsolith" Laser Lithotripter; GRI 1; EN 90.18(IV)(6); 085366; Dorland's Illustrated Medical Dictionary; surgical; surgery; endoscope; 554799

The tariff classification of a brake drum and wheel hub fromChina

Protest No. 2704-93-100772; glass candle holders; principal use; Additional U.S. Rule of Interpretation 1(a); 7013.29.10; drinking glasses; 7010; other containers used for the conveyance or packing of goods; EN 70.10; HRL 950426; 7013.99.35; votive; HRL 953013; HRL 088742; HRL 950245; non-electrical lamps and lighting fittings; EN 94.05; candlesticks; HRL 089054

NY 899828 affirmed; Titanium scrap fines; waste and scrap; Note 6(a), Section XV; Additional U.S. Note 2, Section XV; unwrought; sponge; EN 81.08; ASTM specifications; HRL 951568 and 951469; Nippon Kogasku (USA), Inc. v. U.S.; C.J. Tower & Sons v. U.S.; Royal Business Machines, Inc., et al v. U.S.

Application for Further Review of Protest Number 0401-92-100792 concerning a sale forexportation of merchandise imported pursuant to a three tiered sales agreement; related parties

Request to set aside denial of Application for Further Review, Protest 3901-93-100706; 19 U.S.C. 1515(c)

The tariff classification of a lady's pair of knitted tights, style 8943, from Korea.

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