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Protest 0901-93-101705; ceramic insulators; non-originating material; Japanese origin porcelain; CFTA; 8547; General Note 3(c)(vii)(B)(2); change in tariff classification; General Note 3(c)(vii)(R)(16)(bb); EN 85.46; GRI 2(a); incomplete or unfinished article; essential character; EN Rule 3(b)

Protest 0901-94-100090; Data Switching Device; Section XVI, Note 3; Composite Machine; HQs 951331, 086035, 954059, and 952993; NY 843415; 8517.30.50

Protest 0901-93-100492; Footwear, protective; Functional stitching; U.S. v. Endicott Johnson Corp.; Waterproof; HRL's 088120, 080791, 084308, 083927

Protest No. 0901-92-101303; IBM; Automatic Data Processing (ADP) Floppy Disks; Cookies; Prepared Unrecorded Media; Common and Commercial Identity; Ameliotex, Inc. v. United States; Esco Mfg. Co. v. United States; Anheiser-Busch Brewing Assn. v. United States; HQs 953134, 951644, 000159, 000119, and 000283,

Protest 0901-91-170072; Vehicular charger; Heading 8504; EN85.04(II); static converters; H. Conf. Rep. No. 576; HQ 083672;Protest 0901-0-700353.

Application for Further Review of Protest No. 0901-92- 1-00110, dated January 8, 1992, concerning photographic couplers; N-(4-chloro-3-(4,5-dihydro-5-oxo-1-(2,4,6- trichlorophenyl)-1H-pyrazol-3-yl)-amino)-phenyl)- tetradecaneamide; CAS 54636-84-9

Protest No. 0901-90-925752, requesting duty-free entry relating to the implementation of section 484M of Title III of the Customs and Trade Act of 1990.

Request for Further Review of Protest 0901-90-950024, datedMarch 13, 1990, Concerning Toners and Developers

Application For Further Review Of Protest No. 0901-1-700080, Dated January 17, 1991; Inductuners; Inductors; Self-Impedance; Alternating Current Circuit; AC; Radiobroadcast Receiver; Parts

Request for Internal Advice on Reactor Art and Design Ltd.

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