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(a) Jurisdiction. A certification issued under a particular ..... certifying authority's certification plan is only valid within the geographical ..... area specified in the certification plan approved by the Agency.
MARAD will issue or deny certification (accompanied by an explanation ..... in writing) to each applicant not later than 20 days after receipt of an application for certification.
The Department's Program and Project Manager certification program for ..... the assignment and certification of Program and Project Managers is described in CAM 1301.671.
representative for certification functions shall meet, after notice, with the ..... Commissioner to review their administration of the certification program.
An applicant denied certification may resubmit an application for ..... certification at any time after the inadequacy in the application or the grievance procedure is corrected.
Graded dates means those dates which are eligible for certification as marketable dates.
MSHA reserves the right to rescind for cause any certification issued under this part.
Pg. 1 of 1,239 • 12,383 results