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be considered an originating good under the UKFTA only if: (a) The
violations of the U.S. laws and regulations relating to the UKFTA.
Agreement (“NAFTA”). These specific purposes are: country of origin marking
NAFTA (see subpart E of this part). If the importer is aware of any such
presentation of a NAFTA drawback claim under this subpart, on the lower amount of ..... under 19 U.S.C. 1313(a). Upon presentation of the NAFTA drawback claim ..... NAFTA drawback claim under 19 U.S.C. 1313(b), on which the amount of ..... “identical or similar good” used in Article 303 of the NAFTA except that
under this procedure shall repay the duties paid if a NAFTA drawback claim is
adverse marking decision, as provided for in Article 510 of the NAFTA. This ..... 509 of the NAFTA (see subpart I of this part) or to the review of
designated “NAFTA Exporter or Producer Intervention in Protest”. The statement ..... a person other than the principal. (c) Content. The NAFTA ..... the NAFTA; (7) A statement as to whether a Request for Basis of
Pg. 1 of 14 • 135 results