Regulations last checked for updates: Aug 11, 2020

Title 48 - Federal Acquisition Regulations System last revised: Aug 03, 2020
15.002 - 15.002 Types of negotiated acquisition.

(a) Sole source acquisitions. When contracting in a sole source environment, the request for proposals (RFP) should be tailored to remove unnecessary information and requirements; e.g., evaluation criteria and voluminous proposal preparation instructions.

(b) Competitive acquisitions. When contracting in a competitive environment, the procedures of this part are intended to minimize the complexity of the solicitation, the evaluation, and the source selection decision, while maintaining a process designed to foster an impartial and comprehensive evaluation of offerors' proposals, leading to selection of the proposal representing the best value to the Government (see 2.101).

source: 62 FR 51230, Sept. 30, 1997, unless otherwise noted.
cite as: 48 CFR 15.002