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Title 48 - Federal Acquisition Regulations System last revised: Dec 03, 2019
1652.232-72 - 1652.232-72 Non-commingling of FEHBP funds.

As prescribed in 1632.772, the following clause shall be inserted in all contracts based on cost analysis.

Non-Commingling of Funds (JAN 1991)

(a) The Carrier and/or its underwriter shall keep all FEHBP funds for this contract (cash and investments) physically separate from funds obtained from other sources. Accounting for such FEHBP funds shall not be based on allocations or other sharing mechanisms and shall agree with the Carrier's accounting records.

(b) In certain instances the physical separation of FEHBP funds may not be practical or desirable. In such cases, the Carrier may request a waiver from this requirement from the Contracting Officer. The waiver shall be requested in advance and the Carrier shall demonstrate that accounting techniques have been established that will clearly measure FEHBP cash and investment income (i.e., subsidiary ledgers). Reconciliations between amounts reported and actual amounts shown in accounting records shall be provided as supporting schedules to the Annual Accounting Statements.

(c) The Carrier shall incorporate this clause in all subcontracts that exceed $25,000 and shall substitute “contractor” or other appropriate reference for “Carrier and/or its underwriter.”

(End of clause) [52 FR 16044, May 1, 1987. Redesignated at 53 FR 51784, Dec. 23, 1988, and amended at 55 FR 27418, July 2, 1990]
source: 52 FR 16044, May 1, 1987, unless otherwise noted.
cite as: 48 CFR 1652.232-72