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Title 48 - Federal Acquisition Regulations System last revised: Aug 03, 2020
1652.000 - 1652.000 Applicable clauses.

The clauses of FAR subpart 52.2 shall be applicable to FEHBP contracts as specified in the FEHBAR Clause Matrix in subpart 1652.3.

Section and Clause Title 52.202-1 Definitions. 52.203-3 Gratuities. 52.203-5 Covenant Against Contingent Fees. 52.203-7 Anti-Kickback Procedures. 52.203-12 Limitation on Payments to Influence Certain Federal Transactions. 52.209-6 Protecting the Government's Interest When Subcontracting With Contractors Debarred, Suspended, or Proposed for Debarment. 52.215-2 Audit and Records - Negotiation. 52.215-22 Price Reduction for Defective Cost or Pricing Data. 52.215-24 Subcontractor Cost or Pricing Data. 52.215-27 Termination of Defined Benefit Pension Plans. 52.215-30 Facilities Capital Cost of Money. 52.215-31 Waiver of Facilities Capital Cost of Money. 52.215-39 Reversion or Adjustment of Plans for Postretirement Benefits Other Than Pensions (PRB). 52.219-8 Utilization of Small, Small Disadvantaged and Women-Owned Small Business Concerns. 52.222-1 Notice to the Government of Labor Disputes. 52.222-3 Convict Labor. 52.222-4 Contract Work Hours and Safety Standards Act - Overtime Compensation - General. 52.222-21 Certification of Nonsegregated Facilities. 52.222-26 Equal Opportunity. 52.222-28 Equal Opportunity Preaward Clearance of Subcontracts. 52.222-29 Notification of Visa Denial. 52.222-35 Affirmative Action for Special Disabled and Vietnam Era Veterans. 52.222-36 Affirmative Action for Handicapped Workers. 52.222-37 Employment Reports on Special Disabled Veterans and Veterans of the Vietnam Era. 52.223-2 Clean Air and Water. 52.223-6 Drug-Free Workplace. 52.227-1 Authorization and Consent. 52.227-2 Notice and Assistance Regarding Patent and Copyright Infringement. 52.229-3 Federal, State,and Local Taxes. 52.229-4 Federal, State, and Local Taxes (Noncompetitive Contract). 52.229-5 Taxes - Contracts Performed in U.S. Possessions or Puerto Rico. 52.230-2 Cost Accounting Standards. 52.230-3 Disclosure and Consistency of Cost Accounting Practices. 52.230-5 Administration of Cost Accounting Standards. 52.232-8 Discounts for Prompt Payment. 52.232-17 Interest. 52.232-23 Assignment of Claims. 52.232-33 Mandatory Information For Electronic Funds Transfer Payment. 52.233-1 Disputes. 52.242-1 Notice of Intent to Disallow Costs. 52.242-3 Penalties for Unallowable Costs. 52.242-13 Bankruptcy. 52.244-5 Competition in Subcontracting. 52.244-6 Subcontracts for Commercial Items and Commercial Components. 52.246-25 Limitation of Liability - Services. 52.247-63 Preference for U.S.-Flag Air Carriers. 52.251-1 Government Supply Sources. 52.232-2 Clauses Incorporated by Reference. 52.252-4 Alterations in Contract. 52.252-6 Authorized Deviations in Clauses. [62 FR 47576, Sept. 10, 1997]
source: 52 FR 16044, May 1, 1987, unless otherwise noted.
cite as: 48 CFR 1652.000