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Title 43 - Public Lands: Interior last revised: Sep 17, 2019
§ 6.9 - Publication and public use of invention before patent application is filed.

(a) Publication or public use of an invention constitutes a statutory bar to the granting of a patent for the invention unless a patent application is filed within one year of the date of such publication or public use. In order to preserve rights in unpatented inventions, it shall be the duty of the inventor, or of his supervisor if the inventor is not available to make such report, to report forthwith to the Solicitor any publication or use (other than experimental) of an invention, irrespective of whether an invention report has previously been filed. If an invention report has not been filed, such a report, including information concerning the public use or publication, shall be filed at once. If an invention is disclosed to any person who is not employed by the Department or working in cooperation with the Department upon that invention, a record shall be kept of the date and extent of the disclosure, the name and address of the person to whom the disclosure was made, and the purpose of the disclosure.

(b) No description, specification, plan, or drawing of any unpatented invention upon which a patent application is likely to be filed shall be published, nor shall any written description, specification, plan, or drawing of such invention be furnished to anyone other than an employee of the Department or a person working in cooperation with the Department upon that invention, unless the Solicitor is of the opinion that the interests of the Government will not be prejudiced by such action. If any publication disclosing the invention, not previously approved by the Solicitor, comes to the attention of the inventor or his supervisor, it shall be the duty of such person to report such publication to the Solicitor.

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source: 29 FR 260, Jan. 10, 1964; 29 FR 6498, May 19, 1964, unless otherwise noted.
cite as: 43 CFR 6.9