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Title 39 - Postal Service last revised: Apr 01, 2024
§ 3060.21 - Income report.

The Postal Service shall file an Income Report in the form and content of table 1 to § 3060.21.

Table 1 to § 3060.21—Competitive Products Income Statement—PRC Form CP-01

[$ in 000s]

FY 20xx FY 20xx-1 Change
from SPLY
(1) Mail and Services Revenuesxxxxxxxxxx.x
(2) Investment Incomex,xxx,xxxxxxxx.x
(3) Total Competitive Products Revenue
(4) Volume-Variable Costsx,xxxx,xxxxxxxx.x
(5) Product Specific Costsx,xxxx,xxxxxxxx.x
(6) Incremental Inframarginal Costsx,xxxx,xxxxxxxx.x
(7) Total Competitive Products Attributable Costsx,xxxx,xxxxxxxx.x
(8) Net Contribution Competitive Products Market Testsx,xxxx,xxxxxxxx.x
(9) Net Income Before Institutional Cost Contributionx,xxxx,xxxxxx
(10) Required Institutional Cost Contributionx,xxxx,xxxxxxx.x.x
(11) Net Income (Loss) Before Taxx,xxxx,xxxxxxxx.x
(12) Assumed Federal Income Taxx,xxxx,xxxxxxxx.x
(13) Net Income (Loss) After Taxx,xxxx,xxxxxxxx.x
Line (1): Total revenues from Competitive Products volumes and Ancillary Services.
Line (2): Income provided from investment of surplus Competitive Products revenues.
Line (3): Sum total of revenues from Competitive Products volumes, services, and investments.
Line (4): Total Competitive Products volume-variable costs as shown in the Cost and Revenue Analysis (CRA) report.
Line (5): Total Competitive Products product-specific costs as shown in the CRA report.
Line (6): Inframarginal costs calculated as part of total Competitive Products incremental costs as shown in ACR Library Reference “Competitive Product Incremental and Group Specific Costs” (Currently NP10).
Line (7): Sum total of Competitive Products costs (sum of lines 4, 5, and 6).
Line (8): Net Contribution Competitive Products Market Tests as shown in the Annual Compliance Report.
Line (9): Difference between Competitive Products total revenues and attributable costs and Market Tests Contributions (line 3 less line 7 plus line 8).
Line (10): Minimum amount of Institutional cost contribution required under 39 CFR 3035.7 of this chapter.
Line (11): Line 9 less line 10.
Line (12): Total assumed Federal income tax as calculated under 39 CFR 3060.40.
Line (13): Line 11 less line 12.
[85 FR 9660, Feb. 19, 2020]
source: 73 FR 79261, Dec. 24, 2008, unless otherwise noted.
cite as: 39 CFR 3060.21