Regulations last checked for updates: Jun 18, 2024

Title 39 - Postal Service last revised: Apr 01, 2024
§ 3060.20 - Reports.

(a) Beginning with reports for FY 2009, the Postal Service shall file with the Commission each of the reports required by this part by no later than 90 days after the close of each fiscal year. For FY 2008, the Postal Service may file these reports by January 15, 2009, with the exception of the report required by § 3060.24.

(b) Each report shall include workpapers that cite all numbers to primary sources and such other information needed to present complete and accurate financial information concerning the provision of competitive products.

(c) Each report shall utilize the same books of accounts and data collection systems used to produce the report required by part 3050 of this chapter.

(d) Each report shall include summary descriptions of computations used, assumptions made, and other relevant information in the form of notes to the financial statements.

(e) A one-time extension until January 15, 2009, shall be permitted for the submission of the reports due for fiscal year ending September 30, 2008.

(f) The accounting practices used by the Postal Service in the reports filed for FY 2008, as approved by the Commission, shall be used for all future reports until such time as they may be changed by the Commission. If the Postal Service desires to change such practices, it shall utilize the procedures provided in § 3050.11 of this chapter.

source: 73 FR 79261, Dec. 24, 2008, unless otherwise noted.
cite as: 39 CFR 3060.20