Regulations last checked for updates: May 18, 2024

Title 34 - Education last revised: Apr 29, 2024
§ 6.1 - Publication or patenting of inventions.

It is the general policy of the Department that the results of Department research should be made widely, promptly and freely available to other research workers and to the public. This availability can generally be adequately preserved by the dedication of a Government-owned invention to the public. Determinations to file a domestic patent application on inventions in which the Department has an interest will be made where the circumstances indicate that this is desirable in the public interest, and if it is practicable to do so. Department determinations not to apply for a domestic patent on employee inventions are subject to review and approval by the Commissioner of Patents. Except where deemed necessary for protecting the patent claim, the fact that a patent application has been or may be filed will not require any departure from normal policy regarding the dissemination of the results of Department research.

authority: 5 U.S.C. 301.
source: 45 FR 30814, May 9, 1980, unless otherwise noted.
cite as: 34 CFR 6.1