Regulations last checked for updates: May 19, 2024

Title 16 - Commercial Practices last revised: May 16, 2024
§ 802.6 - Federal agency approval.

(a) For the purposes of section 7A (c)(6) and (c)(8), the term information and documentary material includes one copy of all documents, application forms, and all written submissions of any type whatsoever. In lieu of providing all such information and documentary material, or any portion thereof, one copy of an index describing such information and documentary material may be provided, together with a certification that any such information or documentary material not provided will be provided within 10 calendar days upon request by the Federal Trade Commission or Assistant Attorney General, or a delegated official of either. Any material submitted pursuant to this section shall be submitted to the offices specified in § 803.10(c).

(b)(1) A mixed transaction is one that has some portion that is exempt under Section 7A (c)(6), (c)(7) or (c)(8) because it requires regulatory agency premerger competitive review and approval, and another portion that does not require such review.

(2) The portion of a mixed transaction that does not require advance competitive review and approval by a regulatory agency is subject to the act and these rules as if it were being acquired in a separate acquisition.

Example:Bank “A” acquires Bank “B”, which owns a financial subsidiary engaged in securities underwriting. “A”'s acquisition of “B” requires agency approval by the Office of the Comptroller of the Currency, the Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System or Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (depending on whether “A” is a national bank, state member bank, or state non-member bank under section 18(c) of the FDI Act), and therefore is exempt from filing under Section 7A (c)(7). However, the acquisition of the financial subsidiary is subject to HSR reporting requirements, and “A” and “B” each must make a filing for that portion of the transaction and observe the waiting period if the act's thresholds are met. [43 FR 33544, July 31, 1978, as amended at 48 FR 34435, July 29, 1983; 66 FR 8693, Feb. 1, 2001; 67 FR 11903, Mar. 18, 2002]
authority: 15 U.S.C. 18a(d)
source: 43 FR 33544, July 31, 1978, unless otherwise noted.
cite as: 16 CFR 802.6