Regulations last checked for updates: May 31, 2020

Title 15 - Commerce and Foreign Trade last revised: May 22, 2020
§ 303.18 - Sale or transfer of business.

(a) The sale or transfer of a business together with its duty refund entitlement shall be permitted with prior written notification to the Departments. Such notification shall be accompanied by certifications and representations, as appropriate, that:

(1) The transferee is neither directly nor indirectly affiliated with any other territorial duty refund jewelry recipient in any territory;

(2) The transferee will not modify the jewelry operations in a manner that will significantly diminish its economic contributions to the territory.

(b) At the request of the Departments, the transferee shall permit representatives of the Departments to inspect whatever records are necessary to establish to their satisfaction that the certifications and representations contained in paragraph (a) of this section have been or are being met.

(c) Any transferee who is either unwilling or unable to make the certifications and representations specified in paragraph (a) of this section shall secure the Departments' approval in advance of the sale or transfer of the business. The request for approval shall specify which of the certifications specified in paragraph (a) of this section the firm is unable or unwilling to make, and give reasons why such fact should not constitute a basis for the Departments' disapproval of the sale or transfer.

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source: 49 FR 17740, Apr. 25, 1984, unless otherwise noted.
cite as: 15 CFR 303.18