Regulations last checked for updates: Feb 21, 2020

Title 15 - Commerce and Foreign Trade last revised: Feb 10, 2020
§ 303.17 - Application for annual duty-refunds.

(a) Form ITA-334P shall be furnished to producers by January 1 and must be completed and returned to the Director no later than January 31 of each calendar year.

(b) All data supplied are subject to verification by the Secretaries and no duty refund shall be made to producers until the Secretaries are satisfied that the data are accurate. To verify the data, representatives of the Secretaries shall have access to relevant company records including, but not limited to:

(1) Work sheets used to answer all questions on the application form, as specified by the instructions;

(2) Original records from which such data are derived;

(3) Records pertaining to ownership and control of the company;

(4) Records pertaining to all duty-free and dutiable shipments of HTSUS 7113 jewelry, including Customs entry documents, or the certificate of origin for the shipment, or, if a company did not receive such documents from Customs, a certification from the consignee that the jewelry shipment received duty-free treatment, or a certification from the producer, if the producer can attest that the jewelry shipment received duty-free treatment;

(5) Records pertaining to corporate income taxes, gross receipts taxes and excise taxes paid by each producer in the territories;

(6) Customs, bank, payroll, including time cards, production records, and all shipping records including the importer of record number and proof of residency, as requested;

(7) All records pertaining to health insurance, life insurance and pension benefits for each employee;

(8) Records on purchases of components and sales of jewelry, including proof of payment; and

(9) Any other records in the possession of the parent or affiliated companies outside the territory pertaining to any aspect of the producer's jewelry operations.

(c) Data verification shall be performed in the territories, unless other arrangements satisfactory to the Departments are made in advance, by the Secretaries' representatives by the end of February of each calendar year. It is the responsibility of each program producer to make the appropriate data available to the Departments' officials for the calendar year for which the annual verification is being performed and no further data, from the calendar year for which the audit is being completed, will be considered for benefits at any time after the audit has been completed. In the event of discrepancies between the application and substantiating data before the audit is complete, the Secretaries shall determine which data will be used in the calculation of the duty refund and allocations.

(d) Records subject to the requirements of paragraph (b) of this section, shall be retained for a period of two years following their creation.

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