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Title 15 - Commerce and Foreign Trade last revised: Feb 10, 2020
§ 303.15 - Purpose.

(a) This subpart implements the responsibilities of the Secretaries of Commerce and the Interior (“the Secretaries”) under Pub. L. 106-36, enacted 25 June 1999 which substantially amended Pub. L. 97-446, enacted 12 January 1983, amended by Pub. L. 89-805, enacted 10 November 1966, amended by Pub. L. 94-88, enacted 8 August 1975, amended by Pub. L. 94-241, enacted 24 March 1976, and amended by Pub. L. 103-465, enacted 8 December 1994, and Public Law 108-429, enacted on 3 December 2004.

(b) The amended law provides for the issuance of certificates to insular jewelry producers who have met the requirements of the laws and regulations, entitling the holder (or any transferee) to obtain refunds of duties on any article imported into the customs territory of the United States duty paid except for any article containing a material which is the product of a country to which column 2 rates of duty apply. The amounts of these certificates may not exceed specified percentages of the producers' verified creditable wages in the insular possessions (90% of wages paid for the production of the first 300,000 duty-free units and declining percentages, established by the Secretaries, of wages paid for incremental production up to 10,000,000 units by each producer) nor an aggregate annual amount for all certificates exceeding $5,000,000 adjusted for growth by the ratio of the previous year's gross national product to the gross national product in 1982. However, the law specifies that watch producer benefits are not to be diminished as a consequence of extending the duty refund to jewelry manufacturers. In the event that the amount of the calculated duty refunds for watches and jewelry exceeds the total aggregate annual amount that is available, the watch producers shall receive their calculated amounts and the jewelry producers would receive amounts proportionately reduced from the remainder. Refund requests are governed by regulations issued by the Department of Homeland Security (see 19 CFR 7.4).

(c) Section 2401(a) of Pub. L. 106-36 and additional U.S. note 5 to chapter 91 of the HTSUS authorize the Secretaries to issue regulations necessary to carry out their duties. The Secretaries may cancel or restrict the certificate of any insular manufacturer found violating the regulations.

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cite as: 15 CFR 303.15