Regulations last checked for updates: Sep 22, 2019

Title 15 - Commerce and Foreign Trade last revised: Sep 05, 2019
§ 301.7 - Final disposition of an application.

(a) Disposition of an application shall be final when 20 days have elapsed after publication of the Director's final decision in the Federal Register and no appeal has been taken pursuant to § 301.6 of these regulations, of if such appeal has been taken, when final judgment is made and entered by the Court.

(b) The Director shall notify the CBP Port when disposition of an application becomes final. If the Director has not been advised of the port of entry of the instrument, or if entry has not been made when the decision on the application becomes final, the Director shall notify the Commissioner of final disposition of the application.

(c) An instrument, the duty-free entry of which has been finally denied, may not be the subject of a new application from the same institution.

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source: 47 FR 32517, July 28, 1982, unless otherwise noted.
cite as: 15 CFR 301.7