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Title 15 - Commerce and Foreign Trade last revised: Sep 05, 2019
§ 301.4 - Processing of applications by the Department of the Treasury (Customs and Border Protection).

(a) Review and determination. The Commissioner shall date each application when received by Customs and Border Protection. If the application appears to be complete, the Commissioner shall determine:

(1) Whether the institution is a nonprofit private or public institution established for research and educational purposes and therefore authorized to import instruments into the U.S. under subheading 9810.00.60, HTSUS. In making this determination, the Commissioner may require applicants to document their eligibility under this paragraph;

(2) Whether the instrument or apparatus falls within the classes of instruments eligible for duty-free entry consideration under subheading 9810.00.60, HTSUS. For eligible classes, see U.S. Note 6(a), Subchapter X, Chapter 98, HTSUS; and

(3) Whether the instrument or apparatus is for the exclusive use of the applicant institution and is not intended to be used for commercial purposes. For the purposes of this section, commercial uses would include, but not necessarily be limited to: Distribution, lease or sale of the instrument by the applicant institution; any use by, or for the primary benefit of, a commercial entity; or use of the instrument for demonstration purposes in return for a fee, price discount or other valuable consideration. Evaluation, modification or testing of the foreign instrument, beyond normal, routine acceptance testing and calibration, to enhance or expand its capabilities primarily to benefit the manufacturer in return for a discount or other valuable consideration, may be considered a commercial benefit. In making the above determination, the Commissioner may consider, among other things, whether the results of any research to be performed with the instrument will be fully and timely made available to the public. For the purposes of this section, use of an instrument for the treatment of patients is considered noncommercial.

If any of the Commissioner's determinations is in the negative, the application shall be found to be outside the scope of the Act and shall be returned to the applicant with a statement of the reason(s) for such findings.

(b) Forwarding of applications to the Department of Commerce. If the Commissioner finds the application to be within the scope of the Act and these regulations, the Commissioner shall (1) assign a number to the application and (2) forward one copy to the Secretary of the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS), and two copies, including the one that has been signed in the original, to the Director. The Commissioner shall retain one copy and return the remaining copy to the applicant stamped “Accepted for Transmittal to the Department of Commerce.” The applicant shall file the stamped copy of the form with the Port when formal entry of the article is made. If entry has already occurred under a claim of subheading 9810.00.60, HTSUS , the applicant (directly or through his/her agent) shall at the earliest possible date supply the stamped copy to the Port. Further instructions for entering instruments are contained in § 301.8 of the regulations.

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