Regulations last checked for updates: Jan 04, 2022

Title 31 - Money and Finance: Treasury last revised: Dec 27, 2021
§ 50.71 - Adjustments to the Federal share of compensation.

(a) Aggregate amount of insured losses. The aggregate amount of insured losses of an insurer in a calendar year used to calculate the Federal share of compensation shall be reduced by any amounts recovered by the insurer as salvage or subrogation for its insured losses in the calendar year.

(b) Amount of Federal share of compensation. The Federal share of compensation shall be adjusted as follows:

(1) No excess recoveries. For any calendar year, the sum of the Federal share of compensation paid by Treasury to an insurer and the insurer's recoveries for insured losses from other sources shall not be greater than the insurer's aggregate amount of insured losses for acts of terrorism in that calendar year. Amounts recovered for insured losses in excess of an insurer's aggregate amount of insured losses for acts of terrorism in a calendar year shall be repaid to Treasury within 45 days after the end of the month in which total recoveries of the insurer, from all sources, become excess. For purposes of this paragraph, amounts recovered from a reinsurer pursuant to an agreement whereby the reinsurer's right to any excess recovery has priority over the rights of Treasury shall not be considered a recovery subject to repayment to Treasury.

(2) Reduction of amount payable. The Federal share of compensation for insured losses under the Program shall be reduced by the amount of other compensation provided by other Federal programs to an insured or a third party to the extent such other compensation duplicates the insurance indemnification for those insured losses.

(i) Other Federal program compensation. For purposes of this section, compensation provided by other Federal programs for insured losses means compensation that is provided by Federal programs established for the purpose of compensating persons for losses in the event of emergencies, disasters, acts of terrorism, or similar events. Compensation provided by Federal programs for insured losses excludes benefit or entitlement payments, such as those made under the Social Security Act, under laws administered by the Secretary of Veteran Affairs, railroad retirement benefit payments, and other similar types of benefit payments.

(ii) Insurer due diligence. With respect to any underlying claim for insured losses, each insurer shall inquire of all involved policyholders, insureds, and claimants whether the person receiving insurance proceeds for an insured loss has received, expects to receive, or is entitled to receive compensation from another Federal program for the insured loss, and if so, the source and the amount of the compensation received or expected. The response, source, and such amounts shall be reported with each underlying claim on the form specified in § 50.73(b)(1).

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source: 81 FR 93765, Dec. 21, 2016, unless otherwise noted.
cite as: 31 CFR 50.71