Regulations last checked for updates: Nov 27, 2022

Title 31 - Money and Finance: Treasury last revised: Nov 21, 2022
§ 50.115 - Final amount.

(a) Treasury shall determine if, as a final proration, remaining insured loss payments, as well as adjustments to previous insured loss payments, can be made by insurers based on an adjusted PLRP, and aggregate insured losses still remain within the cap on annual liability. In such a circumstance, Treasury will notify insurers as to the final PRLP and its application to insured losses.

(b) If paragraph (a) of this section applies, Treasury may require, as part of the insurer submission for the Federal share of compensation for insured losses, a supplementary explanation regarding how additional payments will be provided on previously settled insured losses.

(c) An insurer that has prorated its insured losses, but that has not met its insurer deductible, remains liable for loss payments that in the aggregate bring the insurer's total insured loss payments up to an amount equal to the lesser of its insured losses without proration or its insurer deductible.

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source: 81 FR 93765, Dec. 21, 2016, unless otherwise noted.
cite as: 31 CFR 50.115