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Heading / Subheading Stat Suffix Article Description Unit of Quantity Rates of Duty
1-General 1-Special 2
Nets or sections or parts of nets:
Monofilament gill nets to be used for fish sampling
To be used in taking wild birds under license issued by an appropriate Federal or State governmental authority
Developed photographic film, including motion-picture film on which pictures or sound and pictures have been recorded; photographic slides; transparencies; sound recordings; recorded video tape; models (except toy models); charts; maps; globes; and posters; all of the foregoing which are determined to be visual or auditory materials in accordance with U.S. note 1(a) of this subchapter
Articles determined to be visual or auditory materials in accordance with U.S. note 1 of this subchapter:
Holograms for laser projection; microfilm, microfiches and similar articles
Motion-picture films in any form on which pictures, or sound and pictures, have been recorded, whether or not developed
Sound recordings, combination sound and visual recordings, and magnetic recordings; video discs, video tapes and similar articles
Patterns and wall charts; globes; mock-ups or visualizations of abstract concepts such as molecular structures or mathematical formulae; materials for programmed instruction; and kits containing printed materials and audio materials or any combination of two or more of the foregoing
Machinery, equipment and implements to be used for agricultural or horticultural purposes
XFreeThe rate applicable in the absence of this heading
Parts to be used in articles provided for in headings 8432, 8433, 8434 and 8436, whether or not such parts are principally used as parts of such articles and whether or not covered by a specific provision within the meaning of additional U.S. rule of interpretation 1(c)
XFreeThe rate applicable in the absence of this heading
Animals, game, imported to be liberated in the United States for stocking purposes
Unwrought metal including remelt scrap ingot (except copper, lead, zinc and tungsten) in the form of pigs, ingots or billets (a) which are defective or damaged, or have been produced from melted down metal waste and scrap for convenience in handling and transportation without sweetening, alloying, fluxing or deliberate purifying, and (b) which cannot be commercially used without re-manufacture; relaying or rerolling rails; and articles of metal (except articles of lead, of zinc or of tungsten, and not including metal-bearing materials provided for in section VI, chapter 26 or subheading 8548.10 and not including unwrought metal provided for in chapters 72-81) to be used in remanufacture by melting or to be processed by shredding, shearing, compacting or similar processing which renders them fit only for the recovery of the metal content:
Articles of copper
FreeThe rate applicable in the absence of this subheading
Pigs, ingots or billets
Relaying or rerolling rails
Articles specially designed or adapted for the use or benefit of the blind or other physically or mentally handicapped persons; parts and accessories (except parts and accessories of braces and artificial limb prosthetics) that are specially designed or adapted for use in the foregoing articles:
Articles for the blind:
Books, music and pamphlets, in raised print, used exclusively by or for them
Braille tablets, cubarithms, and special apparatus, machines, presses, and types for their use or benefit exclusively
Theatrical scenery, properties and apparel brought into the United States by proprietors or managers of theatrical, ballet, opera or similar productions arriving from abroad for temporary use by them in such productions
XFreeThe rate applicable in the absence of this heading
Rum, tafia, liqueurs and spirituous beverages, of a type classifiable in subheading 2208.40 or 2208.90 and described in U.S. note 6 to this subchapter
Cyclic organic chemical products in any physical form having an aromatic or modified aromatic structure, however provided for in chapter 29 (but excluding 2,3-dihydroxynaphthalene-6-sulfonic acid, sodium salt), to be used in the manufacture of photographic color couplers; photographic color couplers (but excluding 2,3-dihydroxynaphthalene-6-sulfonic acid, sodium salt) (all the foregoing goods however provided for in chapter 29 or in subheading 3707.90.31, 3707.90.32 or 3707.90.60)
FreeThe rate applicable in the absence of this heading
Methanol (Methyl alcohol) produced from natural gas aboard a vessel on the high seas or in foreign waters
Needle-craft display models, primarily hand stitched, of completed mass-produced kits (provided for in subheading 5701.10.40, 5701.10.90, 5701.90.20, 5805.00.25, 5805.00.40, 6302.91, 6302.93.10, 6302.93.20, 6302.99.20, 6303.19, 6303.92.10, 6303.92.20, 6303.99, 6304.92, 6304.93, 6304.99.15, 6304.99.35, 6304.99.60, 6307.90.85 or 6307.90.98).
FreeThe rate applicable in the absence of this heading
Any of the following articles not intended for sale or distribution to the public: personal effects of aliens who are participants in, officials of, or accredited members of delegations to, an international athletic event held in the United States, such as the Olympics and Paralympics, the Goodwill Games, the Special Olympics World Games, the World Cup Soccer Games, or any similar international athletic event as the Secretary of the Treasury may determine, and of persons who are immediate family members of or servants to any of the foregoing persons; equipment and materials imported in connection with any such foregoing event by or on behalf of the foregoing persons or the organizing committee of such an event, articles to be used in exhibitions depicting the culture of a country participating in such an event; and, if consistent with the foregoing, such other articles as the Secretary of the Treasury may allow
Articles of ski racing apparel which, because of their padding, construction, or other special features, are specially designed to protect against injuries from the sport of ski racing, such as blows caused by slalom gates or falls (provided for in subheading 6101.30.20, 6105.20.20, 6110.11, 6110.12.20, 6110.19, 6110.20.20, 6110.30.30, 6112.20.10, 6114.30.30, 6203.43.15 or 6203.43.35)
5.5%Free (AU, BH, CA, CL, CO, JO, KR, MX, P, PA, PE, SG) The rate applicable in the absence of this heading (A, D, E, IL, MA, OM)The rate applicable in the absence of this heading
Footwear, other than goods of heading 9021, of a kind for supporting or holding the foot following an illness, operation or injury, provided that such footwear is (1) made to measure and (2) presented singly and not in pairs and designed to fit either foot equally
FreeThe rate applicable in the absence of this heading
Mounted tool and drill bit blanks of polycrystalline diamond (provided for in subheadings 8207.19.60, 8207.50.40 or 8207.50.80) and mounted tool blanks of polycrystalline diamond (provided for in subheadings 8207.70.60, 8207.80.60, 8207.90.45 or 8207.90.75
FreeThe rate applicable in the absence of this heading
Wheelbuilding, wheel-trueing, rimpunching, tire fitting and similar machines (provided for in subheading 8462.21, 8462.29, 8462.41, 8462.49, 8479.89.94 or 9031.80), all the foregoing suitable for use in the manufacture of wheels for bicycles
FreeThe rate applicable in the absence of this heading
Prototypes to be used exclusively for development, testing, product evaluation, or quality control purposes
FreeThe rate applicable in the absence of this heading
Articles classifiable in subheadings 3924.10, 3926.90, 6307.90, 6911.10, 6912.00, 7013.22, 7013.28, 7013.41, 7013.49, 9405.20, 9405.40 or 9405.50, the foregoing meeting the descriptions set forth below:
Utilitarian articles of a kind used in the home in the performance of specific religious or cultural ritual celebrations for religious or cultural holidays, or religious festive occasions, such as Seder plates, blessing cups, menorahs or kinaras
Utilitarian articles in the form of a three-dimensional representation of a symbol or motif clearly associated with a specific holiday in the United States
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  • [1] See statistical note 1 to this subchapter.