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Difference of opinion; ferrous scrap and waste; chapter 72; chapter 98; Customs Regulation 54; merchandise processing fees; unconditional duty free status; conditional duty free status; 9817.00.90; 7204.00

The tariff classification of used/spent silver oxide batteries from an unspecified country

Protest 2704-00-101040; Titanium Granules

The tariff classification of magnesium ingot from Russia.

Protest 5201-01-101008; Gold Dore

PRD 1401-95-100253; Titanium Ingots, Unwrought Titanium; Heading 8108, Section XV, Additional U.S. Note 1; Remelt Scrap Ingots, Defective or Damaged Ingots, Subheading 9817.00.90; Chapter 98, U.S. Note 1

Protest 290497100109; titanium ingot; slab; ring; billet; electrode; disk; casting; defective or damaged; scrap; wrought; unwrought; remelt statement; Additional U.S. Note 1, Section XV; U.S. Note 1, Chapter 98; 19 CFR 10.112; 19 CFR 54.6; HQ 958806

PRD 0201-98-100009; Titanium Solids; Bulk Weldable Scrap Titanium; Waste and Scrap, Subheading 8108.10.10; Billets, Unwrought Titanium; Bars, Other Titanium, Subheading 8108.90.60; Remelt Scrap; Consolidated Cork v.U.S.; Heading 9817, Articles of Metal to be Used in Remanufacture, 19 CFR 54.6; HQ 960800

PRD 0201-97-100272; Titanium Sheets; Waste and Scrap, Section XV, Note 8(a), Subheading 8108.10.10; Remelt Scrap; Titanium Sheet, Subheading 8108.90.60; Remelt Titanium, Articles of Metal to be Used in Remanufacture by Melting, Subheading 9817.00.90; HQ 958806

The tariff classification of aluminum plate to be melted for recovery of the metal content from unspecified countries.

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