• Period of Review: Jan 27, 2015 to Jul 31, 2016

1. Records at Commerce indicate that certain passenger vehicle and light truck tires from the People's Republic of China exported by Qingdao Free Trade Zone Full-World International Trading Co., Ltd. (A-570-016-055) have not been imported during the period 01/27/2015 through 07/31/2016.

2. If any CBP import officer has contrary information and is suspending liquidation of entries of this merchandise which were made during the period 01/27/2015 through 07/31/2016, CBP officers should report the following information to Commerce via the ACE AD/CVD Inquiry System within 10 days of the date of this message: message number, AD/CVD case number, entry number(s), date of entry, producer name and address, shipper/seller name and address, exporter name and address, and importer name and address.

CBP port personnel should include any ACS entries affected by this inquiry in the text of the reply to this inquiry. At the present time, the ACE entry number field only accepts ACE entry numbers.

3. If there are any questions by the importing public regarding this message, please contact the Call Center for the Office of AD/CVD Operations, Enforcement and Compliance, International Trade Administration, U.S. Department of Commerce at (202) 482-0984. CBP ports should submit their inquiries through authorized CBP channels only. (This message was generated by OVII:TP.)

4. There are no restrictions on the release of this information.

Alexander Amdur