• Effective Date: Jun 22, 2016
  • Period of Review: Feb 01, 2014 to Jan 31, 2015
  • Notice of Lifting of Suspension Date: Jun 22, 2016
  • Cite as: 81 FR 40671 • Cite date: Jun 22, 2016

1. For all shipments of certain frozen warmwater shrimp from Thailand produced and/or exported by the companies listed below, and entered, or withdrawn from warehouse, for consumption during the period 02/01/2014 through 01/31/2015, assess antidumping duty liabilities equal to 1.36 percent of the entered value.

For the companies listed below, those companies may not have had individual case numbers at the time of entry for the period, or a portion of the period covered by these instructions. Entries by the companies listed below may have been made under case number A-549-822-000 or another company-specific case number.

Note that many of these companies have alternate company names which are listed in ACE notes.

The Union Frozen Products Co., Ltd. / Bright Sea Co., Ltd. (A-549-822-008)

Anglo-Siam Seafoods Co., Ltd (A-549-822-013)

Crystal Frozen Foods Co., Ltd. (A-549-822-014)

Far East Cold Storage Co., Ltd. (A-549-822-015)

Fortune Frozen Foods (Thailand) Co., Ltd. (A-549-822-016)

Good Luck Product Co., Ltd. (A-549-822-018)

Inter-Oceanic Resources Co., Ltd. (A-549-822-019)

Kitchens of the Oceans (Thailand) Ltd. (A-549-822-020)

Lee Heng Seafood Co., Ltd. (A-549-822-021)

Li-Thai Frozen Foods Co., Ltd. (A-549-822-022)

Narong Seafood Co., Ltd. (A-549-822-023)

NR Instant Produce Co., Ltd. (A-549-822-024)

Pacific Queen Co., Ltd. (A-549-822-025)

Piti Seafood Co., Ltd. (A-549-822-027)

Queen Marine Food Co., Ltd. (A-549-822-028)

S&D Marine Products Co., Ltd. (A-549-822-029)

Siam Intersea Co., Ltd. (A-549-822-030)

Siamchai International Food Co., Ltd. (A-549-822-031)

Smile Heart Foods (A-549-822-032)

SMP Products, Co., Ltd. (A-549-822-033)

Suratthani Marine Products Co., Ltd. (A-549-822-034)

Thai World Imports & Exports Co., Ltd. (A-549-822-035)

Applied DB (A-549-822-037)

Asian Seafoods Coldstorage Public Co., Ltd. / Asian Seafoods Coldstorage (Suratthani) Co. / STC Foodpak Ltd. (A-549-822-038)

Charoen Pokphand Foods Public Co., Ltd. / CP Merchandising Co., Ltd. / Klang Co., Ltd. / Seafoods Enterprise Co., Ltd. / Thai Prawn Culture Center Co., Ltd. (A-549-822-039)

Chonburi LC (A-549-822-040)

Good Fortune Cold Storage Ltd. (A-549-822-043)

Haitai Seafood Co., Ltd. (A-549-822-044)

High Way International Co., Ltd. (A-549-822-045)

Inter-Pacific Marine Products Co., Ltd. (A-549-822-046)

I.T. Foods Industries Co., Ltd. (A-549-822-047)

Kiang Huat Sea Gull Trading Frozen Food Public Co., Ltd. (A-549-822-048)

Kingfisher Holdings Limited / KF Foods Limited (A-549-822-049)

Kongphop Frozen Foods Co., Ltd. (A-549-822-050)

Merkur Co., Ltd. (A-549-822-053)

Ming Chao Ind Thailand (A-549-822-054)

Nongmon SMJ Products (A-549-822-055)

Ongkorn Cold Storage Co., Ltd. / Thai-Ger Marine Co., Ltd. (A-549-822-056)

SCT Co., Ltd. (A-549-822-058)

Seafresh Industry Public Co., Ltd./ Seafresh Fisheries (A-549-822-059)

Search and Serve (A-549-822-060)

Shianlin Bangkok Co., Ltd. (A-549-822-062)

Star Frozen Foods Co., Ltd. (A-549-822-063)

Surapon Foods Public Co., Ltd. / Surat Sea Foods Public Co., Ltd. (A-549-822-064)

Tey Seng Cold Storage Co., Ltd. / Chaiwarut Co., Ltd. (A-549-822-065)

Thai Royal Frozen Food Co., Ltd. (A-549-822-066)

Transamut Food Co., Ltd. (A-549-822-069)

Wann Fisheries Co., Ltd. (A-549-822-070)

Xian-Ning Seafood Co., Ltd. (A-549-822-071)

Yeenin Frozen Foods Co., Ltd. (A-549-822-072)

ACU Transport Co., Ltd. (A-549-822-074)

Ampai Frozen Foods Co., Ltd (A-549-822-075)

A.S. Intermarine Foods Co., Ltd. (A-549-822-076)

Assoc. Commercial Systems (A-549-822-077)

A. Wattanachai Frozen Products Co., Ltd. (A-549-822-078)

Bangkok Dehydrated Marine Product Co., Ltd. (A-549-822-079)

C. P. Mdse (A-549-822-080)

C Y Frozen Food Co., Ltd. (A-549-822-081)

Chaivaree Marine Products Co., Ltd. (A-549-822-082)

Chue Eie Mong Eak Ltd. Part. (A-549-822-083)

Core Seafood Processing Co., Ltd. (A-549-822-084)

Crystal Seafood (A-549-822-085)

Daedong (Thailand) Co. Ltd. (A-549-822-086)

Daiei Taigen (Thailand) Co., Ltd. (A-549-822-087)

Daiho (Thailand) Co., Ltd. (A-549-822-088)

Earth Food Manufacturing Co., Ltd. (A-549-822-089)

F.A.I.T. Corporation Limited (A-549-822-090)

Findus (Thailand) Ltd. (A-549-822-091)

Frozen Marine Products Co., Ltd. (A-549-822-092)

Gulf Coast Crab Intl. (A-549-822-094)

H.A.M. International Co., Ltd. (A-549-822-095)

Heng Seafood Limited Partnership (A-549-822-096)

Heritrade Co., Ltd. (A-549-822-097)

HIC (Thailand) Co., Ltd. (A-549-822-098)

K. D. Trading Co., Ltd. (A-549-822-099)

K Fresh (A-549-822-100)

K.L. Cold Storage Co., Ltd. (A-549-822-101)

Kibun Trdg (A-549-822-102)

Leo Transports (A-549-822-103)

Magnate & Syndicate Co., Ltd. (A-549-822-105)

Mahachai Food Processing Co., Ltd. (A-549-822-106)

N&N Foods Co., Ltd. (A-549-822-107)

Namprik Maesri Ltd. Part. (A-549-822-108)

Penta Impex Co., Ltd. (A-549-822-109)

Pinwood Nineteen Ninety Nine (A-549-822-110)

Premier Frozen Products Co., Ltd. (A-549-822-111)

Preserved Food Specialty Co., Ltd. (A-549-822-112)

Rayong Coldstorage (1987) Co., Ltd. (A-549-822-113)

S&P Aquarium (A-549-822-114)

S&P Syndicate Public Company Ltd. (A-549-822-115)

S. Chaivaree Cold Storage Co., Ltd. (A-549-822-116)

S. Khonkaen Food Industry Public Co., Ltd. (A-549-822-117)

Samui Foods Company Limited (A-549-822-118)

Sea Bonanza Food Co., Ltd. (A-549-822-119)

Siam Food Supply Co., Ltd. (A-549-822-120)

Siam Marine Products Co. Ltd. (A-549-822-121)

Siam Ocean Frozen Foods Co. Ltd. (A-549-822-122)

Suntechthai Intertrading Co., Ltd. (A-549-822-125)

Surapon Nichirei Foods Co., Ltd. (A-549-822-126)

Suree Interfoods Co., Ltd. (A-549-822-128)

T.S.F. Seafood Co., Ltd. (A-549-822-129)

Teppitak Seafood Co., Ltd. (A-549-822-131)

Thai Agri Foods Public Co., Ltd. (A-549-822-132)

Thai Mahachai Seafood Products Co., Ltd. (A-549-822-133)

Thai Ocean Venture Co., Ltd. (A-549-822-134)

Thai Patana Frozen (A-549-822-135)

Thai Spring Fish Co., Ltd. (A-549-822-136)

Thai Yoo Ltd., Part. (A-549-822-137)

Trang Seafood Products Public Co., Ltd. (A-549-822-138)

Tung Lieng Tradg (A-549-822-139)

United Cold Storage Co., Ltd. (A-549-822-140)

V. Thai Food Product (A-549-822-141)

YHS Singapore Pte (A-549-822-142)

ZAFCO TRDG (A-549-822-143)

Apex Maritime (Thailand) Co., Ltd. (A-549-822-144)

Apitoon Enterprise Industry Co., Ltd. (A-549-822-145)

Asian Seafood Coldstorage (Sriracha) (A-549-822-146)

B.S.A. Food Products Co., Ltd. (A-549-822-148)

CP Retailing and Marketing Co., Ltd. (A-549-822-149)

Dynamic Intertransport Co., Ltd. (A-549-822-150)

Gallant Seafoods Corporation (A-549-822-152)

Global Maharaja Co., Ltd. (A-549-822-153)

Golden Sea Frozen Foods Co., Ltd. (A-549-822-155)

Handy International (Thailand) Co., Ltd. (A-549-822-156)

K & U Enterprise Co., Ltd. (A-549-822-157)

Merit Asia Foodstuff Co., Ltd. (A-549-822-158)

SEA NT'L CO., LTD. (A-549-822-160)

Tep Kinsho Foods Co., Ltd. (A-549-822-162)

Calsonic Kansei (Thailand) Co., Ltd. (A-549-822-168)

Century Industries Co., Ltd. (A-549-822-169)

Shing Fu Seaproducts Development Co. (A-549-822-197)

Starfoods Industries Co., Ltd. (A-549-822-198)

Commonwealth Trading Co., Ltd. (A-549-822-199)

Golden Thai Imp. & Exp. Co., Ltd. (A-549-822-200)

SB Inter Food Co., Ltd. (A-549-822-201)

The Siam Union Frozen Foods Co., Ltd. (A-549-822-202)

C.P. Intertrade Co. Ltd. (A-549-822-203)

UTXI Aquatic Products Processing Company (A-549-822-209)

A.P. Frozen Foods Co., Ltd. (A-549-822-210)

Charoen Pokphand Petrochemical Co., Ltd. (A-549-822-211)

CPF Food Products Co., Ltd. (A-549-822-212)

Fimex VN (A-549-822-213)

Grobest Frozen Foods Co., Ltd. (A-549-822-214)

I.S.A. Value Co., Ltd. (A-549-822-215)

Mahachai Marine Foods Co., Ltd. (A-549-822-216)

Pakpanang Coldstorage Public Co., Ltd. (A-549-822-217)

S.K. Foods (Thailand) Public Co. Limited (A-549-822-218)

Saota Seafood Factory (A-549-822-219)

Sethachon Co., Ltd. (A-549-822-220)

Siam Haitian Frozen Food Co., Ltd. (A-549-822-221)

Thai Hanjin Logistics Co., Ltd. (A-549-822-222)

2. These instructions do not apply to entries of subject merchandise produced by the Thai Union / Pakfood Group (The Thai Union / Pakfood Group includes: Thai Union Frozen Products Public Co., Ltd.; Thai Union Seafood Co., Ltd.; Pakfood Public Co., Ltd.; Asia Pacific (Thailand) Co., Ltd.; Chaophraya Cold Storage Co., Ltd.; Okeanos Co., Ltd.; Okeanos Food Co., Ltd.; and Takzin Samut Co., Ltd.) (A-549-822-026/ -067/ -208); or by A Foods 1991 Co., Limited / May Ao Foods Co., Ltd. (A-549-822-165). Separate liquidation instructions covering these entries will follow.

3. Notice of the lifting of suspension of liquidation of entries of subject merchandise covered by paragraph one occurred with the publication of the final results of administrative review (81 FR 40671, 06/22/2016). Unless instructed otherwise, for all other shipments of certain frozen warmwater shrimp from Thailand you shall continue to collect cash deposits of estimated antidumping duties at the current rates.

4. There are no injunctions applicable to the entries covered by this instruction.

5. The assessment of antidumping duties by CBP on shipments or entries of this merchandise is subject to the provisions of section 778 of the Tariff Act of 1930, as amended. Section 778 requires that CBP pay interest on overpayments or assess interest on underpayments of the required amounts deposited as estimated antidumping duties. The interest provisions are not applicable to cash or bonds posted as estimated antidumping duties before the date of publication of the antidumping duty order. Interest shall be calculated from the date payment of estimated antidumping duties is required through the date of liquidation. The rate at which such interest is payable is the rate in effect under section 6621 of the Internal Revenue Code of 1954 for such period.

6. Upon assessment of antidumping duties, CBP shall require that the importer provide a reimbursement statement, as described in section 351.402(f)(2) of Commerce's regulations. The importer should provide the reimbursement statement prior to liquidation of the entry. If the importer certifies that it has an agreement with the manufacturer, producer, seller, or exporter, to be reimbursed antidumping duties, CBP shall double the antidumping duties in accordance with the above-referenced regulation. Additionally, if the importer does not provide the reimbursement statement prior to liquidation, reimbursement shall be presumed and CBP shall double the antidumping duties due. If an importer timely files a protest challenging the presumption of reimbursement and doubling of duties, consistent with CBP's protest process, CBP may accept the reimbursement statement filed with the protest to rebut the presumption of reimbursement.

7. If there are any questions by the importing public regarding this message, please contact the Call Center for the Office of AD/CVD Operations, Enforcement and Compliance, International Trade Administration, U.S. Department of Commerce at (202) 482-0984. CBP ports should submit their inquiries through authorized CBP channels only. (This message was generated by OII:AM.)

8. There are no restrictions on the release of this information.

Alexander Amdur