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§ 300e–5.
Application requirements
Submission to and approval by Secretary required for making loans and loan guarantees
Application contents
The Secretary may not approve an application for a loan or loan guarantee under this subchapter unless—
such application meets the requirements of section 300e–7 of this title;
in the case of an application for assistance under section 300e–4 of this title, he determines that the applicant making the application would not be able to complete the project or undertaking for which the application is submitted without the assistance applied for;
the application contains satisfactory specification of the existing or anticipated (A) population group or groups to be served by the proposed or existing health maintenance organization described in the application, (B) membership of such organization, (C) methods, terms, and periods of the enrollment of members of such organization, (D) estimated costs per member of the health and educational services to be provided by such organization and the nature of such costs, (E) sources of professional services for such organization, and organizational arrangements of such organization for providing health and educational services, (F) organizational arrangements of such organization for an ongoing quality assurance program in conformity with the requirements of section 300e(c) of this title, (G) sources of prepayment and other forms of payment for the services to be provided by such organization, (H) facilities, and additional capital investments and sources of financing therefor, available to such organization to provide the level and scope of services proposed, (I) administrative, managerial, and financial arrangements and capabilities of such organization, (J) role for members in the planning and policymaking for such organization, (K) grievance procedures for members of such organization, and (L) evaluations of the support for and acceptance of such organization by the population to be served, the sources of operating support, and the professional groups to be involved or affected thereby;
contains or is supported by assurances satisfactory to the Secretary that the applicant making the application will, in accordance with such criteria as the Secretary shall by regulation prescribe, enroll, and maintain an enrollment of the maximum number of members that its available and potential resources (as determined under regulations of the Secretary) will enable it to effectively serve;
in the case of an application made for a project which previously received a grant, contract, loan, or loan guarantee under this subchapter, such application contains or is supported by assurances satisfactory to the Secretary that the applicant making the application has the financial capability to adequately carry out the purposes of such project and has developed and operated such project in accordance with the requirements of this subchapter and with the plans contained in previous applications for such assistance;
the application contains such assurances as the Secretary may require respecting the intent and the ability of the applicant to meet the requirements of paragraphs (1) and (2) of section 300e(b) of this title respecting the fixing of basic health services payments and supplemental health services payments under a community rating system; and
the application is submitted in such form and manner, and contains such additional information, as the Secretary shall prescribe in regulations.
An organization making multiple applications for more than one loan or loan guarantee under this subchapter, simultaneously or over the course of time, shall not be required to submit duplicate or redundant information but shall be required to update the specifications (required by paragraph (3)) respecting the existing or proposed health maintenance organization in such manner and with such frequency as the Secretary may by regulation prescribe. In determining, for purposes of paragraph (2), whether an applicant would be able to complete a project or undertaking without the assistance applied for, the Secretary shall not consider any asset of the applicant the obligation of which for such undertaking or project would jeopardize the fiscal soundness of the applicant.
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