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§ 300e–14.
Annual report
The Secretary shall periodically review the programs of assistance authorized by this subchapter and make an annual report to the Congress of a summary of the activities under each program. The Secretary shall include in such summary—
a summary of each grant, contract, loan, or loan guarantee made under this subchapter in the period covered by the report and a list of the health maintenance organizations which during such period became qualified health maintenance organizations for purposes of section 300e–9 of this title;
the statistics and other information reported in such period to the Secretary in accordance with section 300e(c)(11) 1
 See References in Text note below.
of this title;
findings with respect to the ability of the health maintenance organizations assisted under this subchapter—
to operate on a fiscally sound basis without continued Federal financial assistance,
to meet the requirements of section 300e(c) of this title respecting their organization and operation,
to provide basic and supplemental health services in the manner prescribed by section 300e(b) of this title,
to include indigent and high-risk individuals in their membership, and
to provide services to medically underserved populations; and
findings with respect to—
the operation of distinct categories of health maintenance organizations in comparison with each other,
health maintenance organizations as a group in comparison with alternative forms of health care delivery, and
the impact that health maintenance organizations, individually, by category, and as a group, have on the health of the public.
The Office of Management and Budget may review the Secretary’s report under subsection (a) before its submission to the Congress, but the Office may not revise the report or delay its submission, and it may submit to the Congress its comments (and those of other departments or agencies of the Government) respecting such report.
(July 1, 1944, ch. 373, title XIII, § 1315, as added Pub. L. 93–222, § 2, Dec. 29, 1973, 87 Stat. 933.)
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