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§ 300h–7.
State programs to establish wellhead protection areas
State programs
The Governor or Governor’s designee of each State shall, within 3 years of June 19, 1986, adopt and submit to the Administrator a State program to protect wellhead areas within their jurisdiction from contaminants which may have any adverse effect on the health of persons. Each State program under this section shall, at a minimum—
specify the duties of State agencies, local governmental entities, and public water supply systems with respect to the development and implementation of programs required by this section;
for each wellhead, determine the wellhead protection area as defined in subsection (e) based on all reasonably available hydrogeologic information on ground water flow, recharge and discharge and other information the State deems necessary to adequately determine the wellhead protection area;
identify within each wellhead protection area all potential anthropogenic sources of contaminants which may have any adverse effect on the health of persons;
describe a program that contains, as appropriate, technical assistance, financial assistance, implementation of control measures, education, training, and demonstration projects to protect the water supply within wellhead protection areas from such contaminants;
include contingency plans for the location and provision of alternate drinking water supplies for each public water system in the event of well or wellfield contamination by such contaminants; and
include a requirement that consideration be given to all potential sources of such contaminants within the expected wellhead area of a new water well which serves a public water supply system.
Public participation
In general
Modification and resubmission
Federal assistance
“Wellhead protection area” defined
Activities under other laws
Individual sources
Federal agencies
Additional requirement
In general
“Annular injection” defined
Coordination with other laws
Authorization of appropriations
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cite as: 42 USC 300h-7