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§ 1368.
Federal procurement
Contracts with violators prohibited

No Federal agency may enter into any contract with any person, who has been convicted of any offense under section 1319(c) of this title, for the procurement of goods, materials, and services if such contract is to be performed at any facility at which the violation which gave rise to such conviction occurred, and if such facility is owned, leased, or supervised by such person. The prohibition in the preceding sentence shall continue until the Administrator certifies that the condition giving rise to such conviction has been corrected.

Notification of agencies

The Administrator shall establish procedures to provide all Federal agencies with the notification necessary for the purposes of subsection (a) of this section.


The President may exempt any contract, loan, or grant from all or part of the provisions of this section where he determines such exemption is necessary in the paramount interest of the United States and he shall notify the Congress of such exemption.

Annual report to Congress

The President shall annually report to the Congress on measures taken in compliance with the purpose and intent of this section, including, but not limited to, the progress and problems associated with such compliance.

Contractor certification or contract clause in acquisition of commercial products or commercial services
No certification by a contractor, and no contract clause, may be required in the case of a contract for the acquisition of commercial products or commercial services in order to implement a prohibition or requirement of this section or a prohibition or requirement issued in the implementation of this section.
In paragraph (1), the terms “commercial product” and “commercial service” have the meanings given those terms in sections 103 and 103a, respectively, of title 41.
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cite as: 33 USC 1368