U.S Code last checked for updates: Jun 21, 2021
§ 1002.
Lands subject to geothermal leasing

Subject to the provisions of section 1014 of this title, the Secretary of the Interior may issue leases for the development and utilization of geothermal resources (1) in lands administered by him, including public, withdrawn, and acquired lands, (2) in any national forest or other lands administered by the Department of Agriculture through the Forest Service, including public, withdrawn, and acquired lands, and (3) in lands which have been conveyed by the United States subject to a reservation to the United States of the geothermal resources therein.

(Pub. L. 91–581, § 3, Dec. 24, 1970, 84 Stat. 1566; Pub. L. 109–58, title II, § 236(1), (6), Aug. 8, 2005, 119 Stat. 671, 672.)
cite as: 30 USC 1002