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§ 306.
In General.—
In carrying out the provisions of this title, the Secretary shall, wherever practicable, authorize the use of photogrammetric methods in mapping, and the utilization of commercial enterprise for such services.
The Secretary shall issue guidance to encourage States to utilize, to the maximum extent practicable, private sector sources for surveying and mapping services for projects under this title. In carrying out this subsection, the Secretary shall recommend appropriate roles for State government and private mapping and surveying activities, including—
preparation of standards and specifications;
research in surveying and mapping instrumentation and procedures and technology transfer to the private sector;
providing technical guidance, coordination, and administration of State surveying and mapping activities; and
recommending methods for increasing the use by the States of private sector sources for surveying and mapping activities.
The Secretary shall develop a process for the oversight and monitoring, on an annual basis, of the compliance of each State with the guidance issued under subsection (b).
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