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§ 3244.
Actions to combat international nuclear terrorism
Actions to be taken by President
The Congress hereby directs the President—
to seek universal adherence to the Convention on the Physical Protection of Nuclear Material;
conduct a review, enlisting the participation of all relevant departments and agencies of the Government, to determine whether the recommendations on Physical Protection of Nuclear Material published by the International Atomic Energy Agency are adequate to deter theft, sabotage, and the use of nuclear facilities and materials in acts of international terrorism, and
transmit the results of this review to the Director-General of the International Atomic Energy Agency;
to take, in concert with United States allies and other countries, such steps as may be necessary—
to keep to a minimum the amount of weapons-grade nuclear material in international transit, and
to ensure that when any such material is transported internationally, it is under the most effective means for adequately protecting it from acts or attempted acts of sabotage or theft by terrorist groups or nations; and
to seek agreement in the United Nations Security Council to establish—
an effective regime of international sanctions against any nation or subnational group which conducts or sponsors acts of international nuclear terrorism, and
measures for coordinating responses to all acts of international nuclear terrorism, including measures for the recovery of stolen nuclear material and the clean-up of nuclear releases.
Reports to Congress

The President shall report to the Congress annually, in the reports required by section 3281 of this title, on the progress made during the preceding year in achieving the objectives described in this section.

(Pub. L. 99–399, title VI, § 601, Aug. 27, 1986, 100 Stat. 874.)
cite as: 22 USC 3244