U.S Code last checked for updates: Feb 24, 2020
§ 2717.
Defense trade controls registration fees
For each fiscal year, 100 percent of the registration fees collected by the Office of Defense Trade Controls of the Department of State shall be credited to a Department of State account, to be available without fiscal year limitation. Fees credited to that account shall be available only for payment of expenses incurred for—
contract personnel to assist in the evaluation of defense trade controls license applications, reduction in processing time for license applications, and improved monitoring of compliance with the terms of licenses;
the automation of defense trade controls functions, including compliance and enforcement activities, and the processing of defense trade controls license applications, including the development, procurement, and utilization of computer equipment and related software; and
the enhancement of defense trade export compliance and enforcement activities, including compliance audits of United States and foreign parties, the conduct of administrative proceedings, monitoring of end-uses in cases of direct commercial arms sales or other transfers, and cooperation in proceedings for enforcement of criminal laws related to defense trade export controls.
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cite as: 22 USC 2717