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§ 2670.
Insurance on motor vehicles in foreign countries; tie lines and teletype equipment; ice and drinking water; excise taxes on negotiable instruments; remains of deceased persons; relief, protection, and burial of seamen; acknowledgement of services of foreign vessels and aircraft; rentals and leases
The Secretary of State is authorized to—
obtain insurance on official motor vehicles operated by the Department of State in foreign countries, and pay the expenses incident thereto;
rent tie lines and teletype equipment;
provide ice and drinking water for United States Embassies and Consulates abroad;
pay excise taxes on negotiable instruments which are negotiated by the Department of State abroad;
pay expenses incident to the relief, protection, and burial of American seamen, and alien seamen from United States vessels in foreign countries and in the United States Territories and possessions;
pay the expenses incurred in the acknowledgment of the services of officers and crews of foreign vessels and aircraft in rescuing American seamen, airmen, or citizens from shipwreck or other catastrophe abroad or at sea;
rent or lease, for periods of less than ten years, such offices, buildings, grounds, and living quarters for the use of the Foreign Service abroad as he may deem necessary, and make payments therefor in advance;
maintain, improve, and repair properties rented or leased pursuant to authority contained in subsection (h) of this section and furnish fuel, water, and utilities for such properties;
provide emergency medical attention and dietary supplements, and other emergency assistance, for United States citizens incarcerated abroad or destitute United States citizens abroad who are unable to obtain such services otherwise, such assistance to be provided on a reimbursable basis to the extent feasible;
subject to the availability of appropriated funds, obtain insurance on the historic and artistic articles of furniture, fixtures, and decorative objects which may from time-to-time be within the responsibility of the Fine Arts Committee of the Department of State for the Diplomatic Rooms of the Department;
make payments in advance, of the United States share of necessary expenses for international fisheries commissions, from appropriations available for such purpose; and
establish, maintain, and operate passport and dispatch agencies.
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cite as: 22 USC 2670