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§ 1126.
Technological innovation and cooperation for foreign information access
In general
Grant recipients
The Secretary may award grants under this section to carry out the activities authorized under this section to the following:
An institution of higher education.
A public or nonprofit private library.
A partnership of an institution of higher education and one or more of the following:
Another institution of higher education.
A library.
A nonprofit educational organization.
Authorized activities
Grants under this section may be used—
to acquire, facilitate access to, or preserve foreign information resources in print or electronic forms;
to develop new means of immediate, full-text document delivery for information and scholarship from abroad;
to develop new means of or standards for shared electronic access to international data;
to support collaborative projects of indexing, cataloging, and other means of bibliographic access for scholars to important research materials published or distributed outside the United States;
to develop methods for the wide dissemination of resources written in non-Roman language alphabets;
to assist teachers of less commonly taught languages in acquiring, via electronic and other means, materials suitable for classroom use;
to promote collaborative technology based projects in foreign languages, area studies, and international studies among grant recipients under this subchapter;
to establish linkages to facilitate carrying out the activities described in this subsection between—
the institutions of higher education, libraries, and partnerships receiving grants under this section; and
institutions of higher education, nonprofit educational organizations, and libraries overseas; and
to carry out other activities that the Secretary determines are consistent with the purpose of the grants awarded under this section.
Match required
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cite as: 20 USC 1126