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§ 7a–2.
Rights, authorities, and liabilities not affected
Nothing in sections 7a to 7a–3 of this title shall be construed to—
affect the rights of the Antitrust Division to seek a stay or protective order in a civil action based on conduct covered by an antitrust leniency agreement to prevent the cooperation described in section 7a–1(b) of this title from impairing or impeding the investigation or prosecution by the Antitrust Division of conduct covered by the agreement;
create any right to challenge any decision by the Antitrust Division with respect to an antitrust leniency agreement; or
affect, in any way, the joint and several liability of any party to a civil action described in section 7a–1(a) of this title, other than that of the antitrust leniency applicant and cooperating individuals as provided in section 7a–1(a) of this title.
(Pub. L. 108–237, title II, § 214, June 22, 2004, 118 Stat. 667; Pub. L. 111–190, § 4, June 9, 2010, 124 Stat. 1276.)
cite as: 15 USC 7a-2