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§ 7621.
Quartermaster supplies: members of armed forces; veterans; executive or military departments and employees; prices
The Secretary of the Army shall procure and sell, for cash or credit—
articles specified by the Secretary of the Army or a person designated by him, to members of the Army; and
items of individual clothing and equipment, to officers of the Army, under such restrictions as the Secretary may proscribe.
An account of sales on credit shall be kept and the amount due reported to any branch, office, or officer designated by the Secretary. Except for articles and items acquired through the use of working capital funds under section 2208 of this title, sales of articles shall be at cost, and sales of individual clothing and equipment shall be at average current prices, including overhead, as determined by the Secretary.
The Secretary shall sell subsistence supplies to members of other armed forces at the prices at which like property is sold to members of the Army.
The Secretary may sell serviceable quartermaster property, other than subsistence supplies, to an officer of another armed force for his use in the service, in the same manner as these articles are sold to an officer of the Army.
A person who has been discharged honorably or under honorable conditions from the Army, Navy, Air Force, or Marine Corps and who is receiving care and medical treatment from the Public Health Service or the Department of Veterans Affairs may buy subsistence supplies and other supplies, except articles of uniform, at the prices at which like property is sold to a member of the Army.
Under such conditions as the Secretary may prescribe, exterior articles of uniform may be sold to a person who has been discharged from the Army honorably or under honorable conditions, at the prices at which like articles are sold to members of the Army. This subsec­tion does not modify section 772 or 773 of this title.
Whenever, under regulations to be prescribed by the Secretary, subsistence supplies are furnished to any branch of the Army or sold to employees of any executive department other than the Department of Defense, payment shall be made in cash or by commercial credit.
The Secretary may, by regulation, provide for the procurement and sale of stores designated by him to such civilian officers and employees of the United States, and such other persons, as he considers proper—
at military installations outside the United States; and
at military installations inside the United States where he determines that it is impracticable for those civilian officers, employees, and persons to obtain those stores from private agencies without impairing the efficient operation of military activities.
However, sales to officers and employees inside the United States may be made only to those residing within military installations.
Appropriations for subsistence of the Army may be applied to the purchase of subsistence supplies for sale to members of the Army on active duty for the use of themselves and their families.
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