U.S Code last checked for updates: May 25, 2020
§ 7401.
Members of Army: detail as students, observers, and investigators at educational institutions, industrial plants, and hospitals
The Secretary of the Army may detail members of the Army as students at such technical, professional, and other civilian educational institutions, or as students, observers, or investigators at such industrial plants, hospitals, and other places, as are best suited to enable them to acquire knowledge or experience in the specialties in which it is considered necessary that they perfect themselves.
An officer, other than one of the Regular Army on the active-duty list, who is detailed under subsection (a) shall be ordered to additional active duty immediately upon termination of the detail, for a period at least as long as the detail. However, if the detail is for 90 days or less, the officer may be ordered to that additional duty only with his consent and in the discretion of the Secretary.
No Reserve of the Army may be detailed as a student, observer, or investigator, or ordered to active duty under this section, without his consent and, if a member of the Army National Guard of the United States, without the approval of the governor or other appropriate authority of the State, the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico, the District of Columbia, Guam, or the Virgin Islands of whose Army National Guard he is a member.
The Secretary may require, as a condition of a detail under subsection (a), that an enlisted member accept a discharge and be reenlisted in his component for at least three years.
The total length of details of an enlisted member of the Army under subsection (a) during one enlistment may not exceed 50 percent of that enlistment.
At no time may more than 8 percent of the authorized strength in commissioned officers, 8 percent of the authorized strength in warrant officers, or 2 percent of the authorized strength in enlisted members, of the Regular Army, or more than 8 percent of the actual strength in commissioned officers, 8 percent of the actual strength in warrant officers, or 2 percent of the actual strength in enlisted members, of the total of reserve components of the Army, be detailed as students under subsection (a). For the purposes of this subsection, the actual strength of each category of Reserves includes both members on active duty and those not on active duty.
Expenses incident to the detail of members under this section shall be paid from any funds appropriated for the Department of the Army.
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cite as: 10 USC 7401