U.S Code last checked for updates: Jul 13, 2020
§ 2571.
Interchange of supplies and services
If either of the Secretaries concerned requests it and the other approves, supplies may be transferred, without compensation, from one armed force to another.
If its head approves, a department or organization within the Department of Defense may, upon request, perform work and services for, or furnish supplies to, any other of those departments or organizations, without reimbursement or transfer of funds.
If military or civilian personnel of a department or organization within the Department of Defense are assigned or detailed to another of those departments or organizations, and if the head of the department or organization to which they are transferred approves, their pay and allowances and the cost of transporting their dependents and household goods may be charged to an appropriation that is otherwise available for those purposes to that department or organization.
No agency or official of the executive branch of the Federal Government may establish any regulation, program, or policy or take any other action which precludes, directly or indirectly, the Secretaries concerned from exercising the authority provided in this section.
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