U.S Code last checked for updates: Jun 18, 2021
Rule 410.
Pleas, Plea Discussions, and Related Statements
Prohibited Uses.
In a civil or criminal case, evidence of the following is not admissible against the defendant who made the plea or participated in the plea discussions:
a guilty plea that was later withdrawn;
a nolo contendere plea;
a statement made during a proceeding on either of those pleas under Federal Rule of Criminal Procedure 11 or a comparable state procedure; or
a statement made during plea discussions with an attorney for the prosecuting authority if the discussions did not result in a guilty plea or they resulted in a later-withdrawn guilty plea.
The court may admit a statement described in Rule 410(a)(3) or (4):
in any proceeding in which another statement made during the same plea or plea discussions has been introduced, if in fairness the statements ought to be considered together; or
in a criminal proceeding for perjury or false statement, if the defendant made the statement under oath, on the record, and with counsel present.
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