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§ 300k.
Establishment of program of grants to States
In general
The Secretary, acting through the Director of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, may make grants to States on the basis of an established competitive review process for the purpose of carrying out programs—
to screen women for breast and cervical cancer as a preventive health measure;
to provide appropriate referrals for medical treatment of women screened pursuant to paragraph (1) and to ensure, to the extent practicable, the provision of appropriate follow-up services and support services such as case management;
to develop and disseminate public information and education programs for the detection and control of breast and cervical cancer;
to improve the education, training, and skills of health professionals (including allied health professionals) in the detection and control of breast and cervical cancer;
to establish mechanisms through which the States can monitor the quality of screening procedures for breast and cervical cancer, including the interpretation of such procedures; and
to evaluate activities conducted under paragraphs (1) through (5) through appropriate surveillance or program-monitoring activities.
Grant and contract authority of States
In general
Certain applications
Payments for screenings
Special consideration for certain States
In making grants under subsection (a) to States whose initial grants under such subsection are made for fiscal year 1995 or any subsequent fiscal year, the Secretary shall give special consideration to any State whose proposal for carrying out programs under such subsection—
has been approved through a process of peer review; and
is made with respect to geographic areas in which there is—
a substantial rate of mortality from breast or cervical cancer; or
a substantial incidence of either of such cancers.
Coordinating committee regarding year 2020 health objectives
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