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has been claimed on the basis of material false information concerning the country of origin, manufacture, processing, or assembly of the article or any of its components. For purposes of this paragraph, false information is material if disclosure of the true information would mean or would have meant that the article is or was ineligible for preferential treatment under
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This chapter, referred to in subsec. (b)(4), was in the original “this Act”, and was translated as reading “this title”, meaning title I of Pub. L. 106–200, May 18, 2000, 114 Stat. 252, which is classified principally to this chapter, to reflect the probable intent of Congress. For complete classification of title I to the Code, see Short Title note set out under section 3701 of this title and Tables.


2020—Subsec. (b)(1)(A). Pub. L. 116–260, § 602(a)(2)(A)(i), substituted “article 5.4.1 of the USMCA” for “Article 502(1) of the NAFTA”.

Subsec. (b)(1)(B)(i). Pub. L. 116–260, § 602(a)(2)(A)(ii), substituted “chapter 5 of the USMCA” for “chapter 5 of the NAFTA” in concluding provisions.

Subsec. (b)(2). Pub. L. 116–260, § 602(a)(2)(B), substituted “article 5.5 of the USMCA” for “Article 503 of the NAFTA”.

Change of Name

“Commissioner of U.S. Customs and Border Protection” substituted for “Commissioner of Customs” in subsec. (b)(5) on authority of section 802(d)(2) of Pub. L. 114–125, set out as a note under section 211 of Title 6, Domestic Security.

Effective Date of 2020 Amendment

Amendment by Pub. L. 116–260 effective July 1, 2020, see section 602(g) of div. O of Pub. L. 116–260, set out as a note under section 2578b of this title.

Transfer of Functions

For transfer of functions, personnel, assets, and liabilities of the United States Customs Service of the Department of the Treasury, including functions of the Secretary of the Treasury relating thereto, to the Secretary of Homeland Security, and for treatment of related references, see sections 203(1), 551(d), 552(d), and 557 of Title 6, Domestic Security, and the Department of Homeland Security Reorganization Plan of November 25, 2002, as modified, set out as a note under section 542 of Title 6. For establishment of U.S. Customs and Border Protection in the Department of Homeland Security, treated as if included in Pub. L. 107–296 as of Nov. 25, 2002, see section 211 of Title 6, as amended generally by Pub. L. 114–125, and section 802(b) of Pub. L. 114–125, set out as a note under section 211 of Title 6.

Delegation of Authority

Authority of President under subsec. (b)(3) of this section delegated to the Committee for the Implementation of Textile Agreements by section 4 of Ex. Ord. No. 13191, Jan. 17, 2001, 66 F.R. 7271, set out as a note under section 2703 of this title.

Proc. No. 7350. To Implement the African Growth and Opportunity Act and To Designate Eritrea as a Beneficiary Developing Country for Purposes of the Generalized System of Preferences

Proc. No. 7350, Oct. 2, 2000, 65 F.R. 59321, provided in par. (4) that the United States Trade Representative is authorized to determine whether each designated beneficiary sub-Saharan African country has satisfied the requirements of section 3722(a) of this title, relating to the establishment of procedures to protect against unlawful transshipments and section 3722(b)(1)(B) of this title relating to the implementation of procedures and requirements similar in all material respects to the relevant procedures and requirements under chapter 5 of the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA), is directed to set forth the determination in a notice to be published in the Federal Register which notice shall modify the Harmonized Tariff Schedule of the United States (HTS) by listing the countries that satisfy the requirements of sections 3722(a) and 3722(b)(1)(B) of this title, and is authorized to exercise the authority provided to the President under section 2483 of this title to embody modifications and technical or conforming changes in the HTS.