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§ 78x.
Public availability of information
“Records” defined
Disclosure or personal use
Confidential disclosures
Records obtained from foreign securities authorities
Freedom of Information Act
For purposes of section 552(b)(8) of title 5 (commonly referred to as the Freedom of Information Act)—
the Commission is an agency responsible for the regulation or supervision of financial institutions; and
any entity for which the Commission is responsible for regulating, supervising, or examining under this chapter is a financial institution.
Sharing privileged information with other authorities
Privileged information provided by the Commission
The Commission shall not be deemed to have waived any privilege applicable to any information by transferring that information to or permitting that information to be used by—
any agency (as defined in section 6 of title 18);
the Public Company Accounting Oversight Board;
any self-regulatory organization;
any foreign securities authority;
any foreign law enforcement authority; or
any State securities or law enforcement authority.
Nondisclosure of privileged information provided to the Commission
Nonwaiver of privileged information provided to the Commission
In general
For purposes of this subsection—
the term “privilege” includes any work-product privilege, attorney-client privilege, governmental privilege, or other privilege recognized under Federal, State, or foreign law;
the term “foreign law enforcement authority” means any foreign authority that is empowered under foreign law to detect, investigate or prosecute potential violations of law; and
the term “State securities or law enforcement authority” means the authority of any State or territory that is empowered under State or territory law to detect, investigate, or prosecute potential violations of law.
Savings provision
Nothing in this section shall—
alter the Commission’s responsibilities under the Right to Financial Privacy Act (12 U.S.C. 3401 et seq.), as limited by section 78u(h) of this title, with respect to transfers of records covered by such statutes, or
authorize the Commission to withhold information from the Congress or prevent the Commission from complying with an order of a court of the United States in an action commenced by the United States or the Commission.
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